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Order Process


*To begin construction or to reserve your unit a small security deposit is required. This amount is nonrefundable and goes toward the purchase price of your trailer. The deposit is required in order for Southern Trailer Depot, LLC to custom build or to reserve your trailer.

Quality takes time so most orders placed with us normally take at least 2 - 3 weeks to complete.  If you need your trailer sooner please call and check availability first and if we don't have it in stock we will let you know if we can accommodate you with your schedule.   

*Delivery to anywhere in the U.S. Can be provided for as low as $1.45 -$1.65 per loaded mile. To estimate delivery please enter Map Quest at and select Douglas, GA  31535 as pick up location and enter the zip code to the location in which you wish to have it delivered. Take the miles in between us and your location of delivery and multiply that by $1.45 on most bumper pull cargo trailers and $1.65 on enclosed goosenecks and this will be your estimated delivery charge. Open style trailer prices may be less.  We offer delivery to anywhere in the USA including -


Alabama                     Louisiana                         New York                         Vermont

Arkansas                    Maine                               North Carolina                  Virginia

Connecticut                Maryland                          North Dakota                   West Virginia

Deleware                    Massachusetts                 Ohio                                 Wisconsin

Florida                        Michigan                           Oklahoma

Georgia                      Minnesota                         Pennsylvania

Illinois                         Mississippi                        Rhode Island

Indiana                       Missouri                             South Carolina

Iowa                           Nebraska                           South Dakota

Kansas                       New Hampshire                 Tennessee

Kentucky                    New Jersey                        Texas

*Any remaining balance and delivery charges will be due prior to your trailer being delivered.


*We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal, Certified Checks, or Cash.  Business and Personal Checks are accepted, but they must clear the bank before the trailer may be picked-up or delivered.  Any amount over the deposit amount that is applied to a credit card will have a 3% service charge applied only because this is what we are charged for this service.  The deposit amount will have no 3% service charge.  There will be no additional fees what so ever to the sale price other than applicable sales tax if you are a GA resident.  Out of state residents will not pay us sales tax. Your tax may be due when you register your trailer in your residing state.  A new purchase tag will be provided for you to transport your trailer in order to have time to get it registered.

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